This form is intended for use in instances where an applicant believes their property is being rated as an incorrect category. For further information regarding the difference between rating categories, please refer to Townsville City Council’s Schedule of Rates and Charges.

The lodging of this objection does not negate payment of rates due, and the levy and recovery of rates by Townsville City Council. Should the objection be approved, rates will be adjusted, and a supplementary notice issued.
Please Note: Further information may be requested by the actioning officer to support the objection. For objections regarding a G2 category to a G1 category, a completed Statement of Occupancy must accompany the objection. For objections regarding a multi-unit dwelling to a G2 or G1 category, a reclassification of the dwelling – provided by a building certifier – must be lodged prior to submitting the objection.

SECTION 1 - Applicant Details

SECTION 2 - Property Information

SECTION 3 - Reason for Objection

The owner must complete the following section stating what category they believe the land should be rated under, including facts and circumstances on which the claim is based (Section 90(4) of the Local Government Regulation 2012).

SECTION 4 - Signature of Applicant

I certify that the above information and the information included in any attachments, to the best of my knowledge, is correct.
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Privacy Collection Notice:
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