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TO: The Republican Members Of The United States Senate: The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. Dan Sullivan, The Hon. Lisa Murkowski, The Hon. Jeff Sessions, The Hon. Richard Shelby, The Hon. John Boozman, The Hon. Jeff Flake, The Hon. John McCain, The Hon. Marco Rubio, The Hon. David Perdue, The Hon. Johnny Isakson, The Hon. Joni Ernst, The Hon. Chuck Grassley, The Hon. James E. Risch, The Hon. Mike Crapo, The Hon. Mark Kirk, The Hon. Dan Coats, The Hon. Jerry Moran, The Hon. Pat Roberts, The Hon. Rand Paul, The Hon. Bill Cassidy, The Hon. David Vitter, The Hon. Susan Collins, The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. Roger Wicker, The Hon. Thad Cochran, The Hon. Steve Daines, The Hon. Thom Tillis, The Hon. Richard Burr, The Hon. John Hoeven, The Hon. Ben Sasse, The Hon. Deb Fischer, The Hon. Kelly Ayotte, The Hon. Dean Heller, The Hon. Rob Portman, The Hon. James Lankford, The Hon. James M. Inhofe, The Hon. Pat Toomey, The Hon. Tim Scott, The Hon. Lindsey Graham, The Hon. Mike Rounds, The Hon. John Thune, The Hon. Bob Corker, The Hon. Lamar Alexander, The Hon. Ted Cruz, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. Mike Lee, The Hon. Orrin G. Hatch, The Hon. Ron Johnson, The Hon. Shelley Moore Capito, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Tom Cotton, The Hon. Mike Enzi  


RE: Barack Obama Is Making You Look Like A Bunch Of Fools. It's Time To Jettison The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 And Tell Barack Obama That You Will Not Permit Iran To Obtain Nuclear Weapons... PERIOD!

Can you please explain to the American people why you are playing the fool for Barack Obama? Can you please explain to the American people why you are spinning your wheels and trying to garner a 2/3 majority in Congress to stop Barack Obama's phony deal with the mullahs of Iran when it is clear that Barack Obama has no intention whatsoever of letting you stand in the way of his scheme to give Iran a glide path to obtain nuclear weapons even if you should succeed in this fool's errand?

Barack Obama and the mullahs of Iran have already violated the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (otherwise known as the Corker Betrayal). It is clear that Barack Obama and the mullahs of Iran violated the Corker Betrayal back in 2011 — long before you voted on the Corker Betrayal back in May — when they made secret deals to allow Iran to enrich uranium. It is clear that they are violating the Corker Betrayal now by not disclosing additional secret side deals to members of Congress; and moreover, it is clear that Barack Obama is going to attempt to lawlessly implement this deal with Iran even if you are able, by some miracle, to override his threatened veto.

The steps you must now take are clear. It's time to stop playing the fool. Jettison the Corker Betrayal. Deem Barack Obama's deal to give the mullahs of Iran nuclear weapons to be what it is, a treaty, and then vote it down. Tell Barack Obama that you will not permit Iran to obtain nuclear weapons under any circumstances and that any attempt to implement this treaty will bring about severe political repercussions.

Mark my words, if you do otherwise and continue the kabuki charade that is codified in the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, the American people will be left with no other option than to conclude that you actually support Barack Obama's goal of allowing the world's largest sponsor of global terrorism to obtain nuclear weapons and there will be political hell to pay!



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