B.Y.G. Bridge Youth Group Registration

B.Y.G. Registration for Bridge Youth Group

The Bridge Youth Group is composed of young people in 5th & 6th grade. It is designed specifically with the “tweens” in mind. They form the "bridge" that connects “SPARK” (Sunday School) to “IGNITE” (Confirmation) at Faith Lutheran. They’d much rather be BYG kids than little kids, and we celebrate that!

It is our intent to make BYG as meaningful and memorable as we can. Faith Lutheran partners with caregivers in the formation of the faith for our children. We guide them as they explore faith in personal and trusted relationships. Using the Bible, technology and active learning activities each week’s meeting will be a new adventure.
*WATCH for BYG EVENTS - optional fun activities to build on our developing relationships.  

Dates to Remember: 
           September 15:  BYG Guide Training
           September 22nd:  BYG Orientation 7 p.m.
           September 26th:  BYG Fall Kick-Off Event (Hot dogs/S'mores @ the fire pit.) 6 p.m. 
           September 29th:  First night of BYG 7 p.m.
Please NOTE:  We strongly encourage your child/youth to wear a mask. 

Youth Participant Information

Important Details

Enter grade for 2021-22 School Year.
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BYG Events

BYG Events happen periodically throughout the year.

The first BYG Event of the season will be held on Sunday, September 26th at 6:00 pm.   We'll meet at the Faith Lutheran fire pit - enjoy Hot dogs and S'mores - play some games. A great chance for getting acquainted with "church" friends. Will your youth be able to join us on September 26th? *
Would you be able to help provide some of the supplies/groceries? If so, what? Would you be able to help chaperone the event?

Household / Caregiver Contact Information

Relationship to Participants: *

Small Group Choice

Caregiver Connect

The strength of the programming rests in the hands of our AAA Adults – that is those who are Authentic, Available and Affirming – and, who volunteer to SERVE with and alongside our children. 
This year's theme will be New Testament Stories.  Lessons will be taught in Large Group.  Shannon Anderson (Children and Family Minister) or one of our pastors will lead the large group time.  
The last half of each session will be in small group.  The main purpose of the small group is to build personal and trusted relationships.  Caregivers and other adults take on the role as guides for the small groups.  Guides will engage in conversation that includes - sharing personal stories of blessings and burdens - connecting the stories of the group members to the Bible story for the day - praying for one another, the church and the world. Together the group will learn to talk with each other, their guide and to God.  There are Leader Guide sheets to build on the story/theme of the night and assist in your role as a Small Group guide.      

Photo/Video Release

Photo and Video Release
I understand Faith Lutheran may use photos and videos of BYG youth for communication such as; newsletters, bulletins, slide presentations, web pages and social media.  No names will be used.  

Liability Release

Release of Liability
I agree that Faith Lutheran Church and the BYG teachers are not responsible for accidental injuries that occur during my child(ren)'s time at church.  I authorize such medical treatment as is necessary and such additional procedures as are considered necessary on the basis of finding during the course of medical examination.
By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and fully understood the above statements. *

Health Information

You may want to provide health contact information for your child, in case of an emergency.

Additional Information

Questions about B. Y. G.?

Email: Shannon Anderson
or call: 952-442-2101
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