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SPARK is essentially Sunday School, but it doesn’t meet just on Sundays anymore.  The acronym SPARK has been adopted for both Sunday SPARK and Tuesday SPARK which are alike in content. 

The acronymn means:  Scripture, Prayer And Relationship for Kids

Families can choose to enroll in SUNDAY SPARK or TUESDAY SPARK. 

On Sunday mornings either at 8:30 or 10:00 am.  Tuesday SPARK meets at 5:00 pm. 

Please NOTE:  We know that there might be a possibility that we will be unable to meet in-person only with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are currently planning on in-person and online options. 

Rally Sunday is September 13, 2020
SPARK Car*nival is September 15, 2020
 Sunday Class begins September 20, 2020
Tuesday Class begins September 22, 2020 

Child Participant Information

Important Details

3-year-olds must have turned three (and toilet trained) by September 1, 2020. 

Enter grade for 2020-2021 School Year.
SPARK is for children 3 years old - 4th grade
Preschool/Pre K
Grades 1-4
Please enter birthdate in this format:  mm-dd-yyyy
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Household / Caregiver Contact Information

Relationship to Participants: *

Alternative Household Contact (OPTIONAL)

You MAY include non custodial parent information (or other adult info) ONLY if we'll need it. 
Relationship to Participants:

Caregiver Team of Volunteers

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  The strength of our program lies in the hands of the AAA Adults and teens who work with our children.  AAA means those who are Authentic, Available and Affirming.  It is through these AAA servants that our children grow.  Faith is caught more than it is taught.   
       -- and EVERYONE carrying a little less of the load.  
   > WE NEED YOU to be a part of the team.  To make a difference in the lives of our children.  
   > Together we will SPARK the FAITH of our KIDS!
It takes over 75 people to make SPARK happen each per week.  
Please committ to at least three hours SOMETIME this YEAR.
CHOOSE how you will volunteer?  
Indicate below:
Preschool / KIndergarten Leadership Team
         Seeking AT LEAST two per room // each week.  If we have more, it makes it easier to rotate your schedules.  
         Lesson plans are provided and sent by email to you ahead of time.  Supplies are gathered by someone else.
1st - 4th Grade Shepherd
         Shepherds are the steady presence for the children.  
         Shepherds are NOT required to teach, but to assist the teacher.
         Each unit has three weeks & three lessons -- ART, CREATIVE STORYTELLING, COOKING
         Children are divided into groups.  Each group has a shepherd(s). 
         Two (2) shepherds per group.  Having two takes care of finding subs in absence.
1st - 4th Grade Leaders
        Leaders guide the conversation for the story/theme. 
        Lesson plans are provided.  Supplies are gathered by someone else. 
        Each unit is three weeks long.  Leaders commit to three weeks at a time.  
        For each unit we need an ART leader, a CREATIVE STORYTELLING leader, a COOKING leader.
        Each leader guides a small group through the same lesson for three weeks with a different group of children.  
        There are always times (and sometimes last minute) that subs are needed.  
        Volunteering here as a substitute means that your name and contact information will be on the sub list.
        NOTE:  For Preschool-Kindergarten groups all caregivers are listed on the sub list.   
        Please volunteer to SUB if you are willing to be on call and sometimes at the last minute. 
        Please be prepared to say YES when called. 
Supply TEAM
        New supplies are needed at the beginning of each unit.
        The supply team gathers supplies from FAITH'S supply closets.  
        There are two teams needed (Preschool - Kind)  AND  (1st - 4th grade) 
        These teams are activated the week before each new unit.  There are eight units per year.
Seasonal Teams
        Rally Day Carnival Team - September 15th
        Christmas Program Team - Late November - December 13th
               Drama Director, Costume Team, Props Team, Preschool-Kindergarten Team, Etc. 
        Vacation Bible School Team - June 2021
- Check as many as you wish.
- PLEASE check at least one!
- Remember many volunteers lightens the load.
- We will assign according to need in communication with you!

Photo/Video Release

Photo and Video Release

I understand Faith Lutheran may use photos and videos of SPARK children for communication such as; newsletters, bulletins, slide presentations, web pages and social media.  No names will be used.    


Liability Release

Release of Liability
I agree that Faith Lutheran Church and Sunday School leaders are not responsible for accidental injuries that occur during my child(ren)'s time at church.  I authorize such medical treatment as is necessary and such additional procedures as are considered necessary on the basis of finding during the course of medical examination.
By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and fully understood the above statements. *

Health Information

You may want to provide health contact information for your child, in case of an emergency.

Additional Information