2017-18 Ignite Confirmation Registration for 9th Graders

Why do we do this?

Confirmation ministry at Faith Lutheran is one of the most important elements of our faith formation program.

Students in 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade are on the edge of independence. They are ready to think for themselves and learn and absorb the lessons of the Bible, to evaluate and experience how God is with each and everyone of them in everyday life.

Living Faithful Lives

Confirmation is not an ending of the faith-forming process, nor is it a graduation. Rather the day on which each young person is confirmed is a send off to lives of more grown up faith.

In the spring of their 9th Grade year, these young people will stand in front of their Faith Lutheran family to publicly “take ownership” of their own faith. Each of the young people is supported on this journey of faith in personal and trusted relationships. Each will experience caring conversation and faith talk with their parents, peers, Small Group guide, their mentor and church staff.

It is our intent to make Ignite as meaningful and memorable for 7th, 8th & 9th grade students as we can.  This spring, we’ve done lots of evaluating and planning.  We take our role very seriously.  Faith Lutheran partners with parents in the formation of the faith for our children.  We need to reach them where they are.  We guide them as they explore faith in personal and trusted relationships. Using the Bible, technology, games and active learning activities, each week’s meeting will be a new adventure.

What is Required of 9th Graders to be Confirmed?


Welcome to 9th Grade Confirmation!  

Greetings 9th grade parents and students!  Summer is coming to a close, and it's time to look forward to completing the final year of confirmation and transitioning a great year of senior high ministry!  

Please save the date for our Affirmation of Baptism service which will occur this year on Sunday, April 29th, 2018.

Requirements have been simplified this year, but include 7 final monthly sessions to reconnect with one's guide and small group and to complete the awesome Alpha DVD-based Curriculum entitled, "Life:  Is this It?"

Here is a list of 9th grade requirements:

A.  1 Faith Service Project - done in coordination with small group guides.

B.  2nd Wednesday of the Month "Alpha Class" 

The Alpha DVD curriculum, facilitated church staff and volunteers, is a curriculum designed to help students apply their faith to real life in meaningful ways.  These 7 sessions explore topics critical to creating "Sticky Faith" through the high school and college years.    

The final 7 session are mandatory and will generally meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:00-7:30pm in Steiner Hall each month (with the exception of September 20th, when our "Meet and Greet/Orientation" (mandatory for a parent and students) will be the 3rd week of the month (September 20th).

Attendance is Mandatory for these final 7 sessions with confirmation guides and small groups.

The dates and topics are as follows:

September 20th - Meet and Greet/9th-Grade Orientation for Guides, Parents, and Students

October 11th - Life:  Is This It?

November 8th - Jesus - Who Is He?

December 13th - Faith - How Can I Have Faith?

January 10th - Prayer- How Do I Pray?

February 14th  - Bible - How Do I Read the Bible?

March 14th - God- How Does God Guide Us?

April 13th-15th - Holy Spirit Retreat at Green Lake Bible Camp!  Come make your confirmation stoles and discover your spiritual gifts to prepare for your big day!  


Remember:  The mandatory "Parent/Student Meet and Greet/Orientation" -is coming up Wednesday, September 20th from 7-8:30pm!!!

This is a time for students and parent to get oriented to the final year of confirmation, reunite with small group guides, and have some fun!


C.  Faith Applications

Students need to be able to have moments that they can take the faith that they have been learning about and apply it and live it out. 9th Graders will have the opportunity to do that this year.

There are six different options below:

Option 1:  Attend the National Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas June 26th to July 2nd  - Cost: $900 to cover flights, hotel, and registration. Cost reduced to $600 by fundraiser participation.  

Every three years, 30,000 high school youth and their adult leaders from across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America gather for a week of faith formation known as the ELCA Youth Gathering. Through days spent in interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service and fellowship, young people grow in faith and are challenged and inspired to live their faith in their daily lives.  Faith Lutheran has a wonderful tradition of attending this event every 3 years, and this year Pastor Christine, along with parents and students will fly to Houston for this awesome week of spiritual growth and fun!  You cannot leave this experience being uninspired!  A 1:5 ratio of adult leaders is needed!  

Option 2:  Attend the 7th-12th Grade (Middle and High School Combined) Youthworks Mission Trip to Milwaukee - July 29-August 3rd  - Cost: $350

You’ll have the opportunity to serve alongside some great organizations that are working to support the Milwaukee community. One of these is Scott Christian Community Center, which houses a food pantry and clothing giveaway service. Another organization you’ll serve alongside is Gingerbread Land, a neighborhood beautification organization. You may also serve at elder care centers or a soup kitchen. In the evenings, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a church service, go to the beach of Lake Michigan and hear from a community friend who works with teenagers and adults growing up in the inner city.

Option 3:  Attend Camp Wapo or Green Lake for TIM TEAM (Teens in Mission) - Dates Unavailable - Cost: $425

TIM Team is a leadership development opportunity for Senior High youth. TIM Teamers will spend time at both Ox Lake and Wapo during the 6 day experience. TIM Teamers will have lodging at Ox Lake, as well as experiencing the Low / High Ropes Challenge Course. During the week, much of each day is spent at Wapo interfacing and participating as leaders amongst the younger youth from their congregation.

Option 4: Be a SPARK (Sunday/Wednesday School) leader/teacher/shepherd

Students are encouraged help lead the children of Faith in Sunday School. You will report to Mary Toufar for this. Must complete two terms - Sep - Dec and Jan - May.

Option 5: Independent Study – To be completed by March 1

This is an opportunity for students and parents to come up with something that they have a passion for or want to learn more about.  Students must introduce a proposal to Cory for approval before beginning the project. The study must have at least 10 hours involved in a project and must demonstrate Faith Lutheran’s mission statement: To Learn, Serve and Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If it is a one-time project, it could include a budget, recruiting, promotion, research, participation, wrap up and more. There is a reflection form that students must complete to be able to get credit.

Some ideas could be, but are not limited to:

  • Making Tie Blankets for homeless
  • Starting a Small Group Bible or Book study for other students
  • Doing a food drive for the food shelf
  • Collecting school supplies for families
  • Creating an event at an assisted living home


All 9th Graders are ALSO encouraged to join us for Wednesday PM High Youth Group!!!!!

Open to all 9th – 12th Grade students. Students can come discover how they can learn how to be for God and for others through word, service, fun and fellowship. Friends are always welcome! 9th Grade students must attend at least three times a month to get credit.

Wednesday Evenings @ 8:15pm in the Youth Room starting Sep 17.

I Believe Paper – Due January 7th 

Each member of the class will be asked to write a two – three page paper that describes how their faith has developed and what their own faith means to them. Guidelines for writing the paper will be sent out to students.


9th Grade Confirmation "Spiritual Gifts" Retreat - Fri April 13th- Sunday, April 15th @ Green Lake

This is a time for students to make stoles, explore their spiritual gifts, learn what is going to happen on the Confirmation day, and have some fun. 

Confirmation Pictures - Wed Apr 25 - 700pm - 730pm

This is a time for students to come and get formal pictures taken in their robes and stoles.

Confirmation Walkthrough - Wed Apr 25 - 730pm - 830pm

This is a time for students and parents to walkthrough the Confirmation service.

Affirmation of Baptism/Rite of Confirmation - Sun Apr 29 - 1pm & 4pm

This is the day that we all get to celebrate the student's desire to affirm their faith and become full and active members of the church, the Body of Christ!

Parents will be responsible for collecting and recording their own students’ progress which is due March 1, 2018.


Student Participant Information

Church Member? *

Household Contact Information

Relationship to participant: *

Baptism Information

Confirmation is an extension of the baptism celebration.  Children can be enrolled in Confirmation without being baptized, but they must be baptized before the completion of the confirmation program.
If yes, complete information below.  Otherwise, contact the church office for more information on baptism. 

Mentor Contact Information

Confirmation mentors are adults who meet with each confirmand several times through the confirmation experience.  Please provide the name of an influential adult who will serve as your child's mentor. 

Mentors should be someone from Faith Lutheran Church.

Contact the church office for more information on mentors.
Do you have an idea of who will serve as your child's mentor? *
If "yes," please complete information below.

Parent Volunteer Roles

The parent’s role in faith formation must not be overlooked.  Studies have proven that the influence of a parent is the most present and important influence. Whether we like it or not parents, our children are watching us and taking their cues from us.

Parents are encouraged to take turns in spending quality time with their student’s small group. In fact, two nights are designated as Parents & Popcorn Nights. This will be a time for parents, students and Small Group Guides to connect by discussing the theme for the night, sharing stories, snacking on popcorn, playing a game and more.
We at Faith, expect that each parent will support the Small Group Guides, their students and the church. There are plenty of other opportunites in which you can do this. 

Game leaders, musicians, snack providers, drivers, service project helpers, special project leader/assistant and so much more!

Please let us know how you can help out this next year. 

How will you be able to assist with 9th Grade Ignite Confirmation? *

Questions about IGNITE Confirmation?

Email:  youthminister@waconiafaithlutheran.com