Helping Children Grow in Faith (SPARK leaders, SPARK Shepherds, BYG Guides, and IGNITE Guides)

Seeking AAA Role Models for Kids @ FAITH!
At baptism caregivers enter into a covenant relationship with God, promising to raise their children to be faithful followers of Jesus.  Our baptism sets us out on a lifelong journey characterized by relationships – our relationship to God, our relationship to our faith community, our relationship to the wider world.  Helping caregivers to fulfill the baptismal promises is the main focus of our Children, Youth & Family Ministries at Faith.  
In order to deepen the relationship that a chld has with God and Faith Lutheran, as their faith community, we seek to recruit AAA (that is triple A) Role Models for them.   AAA Role models are:
     Authentic  -  trustworthy & transparent, real and reliable
     Available -  to value children enough to make space and time for relationships to grow
     Affirming - to be positive and supportive, even when correction or discipline is necessary
These role models may be ADULTS including parents and/or non parents.  
These role models may be YOUTH
     -- Young people must be at least four to five years older than the children they serve
Volunteers are important to all of our Children, Youth and Family Programs and we thank you!
NOTE:  According to our Child Protection Policy - volunteers who work with children are required to: 
            - submit a written application // this form IS the written application
            - attend a training meeting // schedule of meetings listed below.  These are required.
            - agree to a background check if volunteer is 18 or older // for all adults working with children
Age of volunteer *
Background checks are a part of our Child Protection Policy. If adult, do you give permission for us to do a background check?
Is Faith Lutheran your current church home? *

Covenant for Working with Children @ Faith

A Covenant is a promise.  By checking "Yes" below I am promising, for the sake of the children I serve, and the congregation of Faith Lutheran church to abide by this promise.  
I accept the responsibility to nurture the Christian faith and wellbeing of the children and youth of Faith Lutheran Church and to care for them as Christ cares for me.  Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes a child, welcomes me."  (Matthew 18:5)  Children are our present and our future, our hope and our inspiration.  Children are full participants in the kingdom of God. I promise to help them find their place of acceptance here at Faith. 
I will attend a staff training event and will abide by the policies and guidelines that are shared during that training.  I will strive to be a AAA Role Model -- one who is Authentic, Available and Affirming.  I promise to exhibit appropriate behavior and conduct when working with children.  I affirm that I will not use my position of trust in the church to abuse or harm any child.  
1 Peter 5:2-3 says:
"Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, watching over them - not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock."

BY checking "YES" below I am agreeing, to the best of my ability, to tend to the children in my charge. 
I agree to this covenant *

Where would you like to serve?

Scroll below and indicate when and where you would like to volunteer for our programs.  You will find a list of needed volunteers under each heading.  

SPARK -- for Children 3 years - 4th Grade

SPARK is what was formerly known as Sunday School, but it's not just on Sundays anymore.  At Faith we have three sections of SPARK -- two on Sunday morning (8:30 or 10:00) and one on Wednesday afternoons (5:00).  There are a variety of roles for volunteers to play at SPARK.  Please indicate the day and the hour that you are volunteering for.  
Volunteers MUST attend a training meeting for SPARK.  Dates are TBD.       
Preschool & Kindergarten Leaders
   -- Each classroom will be staffed with at least two and preferably three leaders
   -- Adults are welcome and encouraged to lead
   -- Youth who lead must be in 8th grade or High School
   -- There should always be two leaders in a room // two leaders or a leader with a helper
   -- This is a commitment for the school year -- HOWEVER leadership teams lessen the load
Preschool Helpers
    -- Preschool helpers support the leader
    -- The helpers can be 5th grade and up
    -- There should always be a leader in the room with the helper
    -- This is a commitment for the schoolyear, however team helpers lesson the load
School Age Shepherds
    -- School aged groups go through a rotation model schedule
    -- Three weeks on the same story - one in the ART room, one in the DRAMA room, one in the
         KITCHEN for cooking
    -- The shepherds role is accompaniment - to go with the group wherever they are scheduled
    -- The shepherd is the one who knows the students by name
    -- The shepherd is the one who takes roll call and hands out nametags
    -- Leaders are new and different because of the rotation --
    -- Shepherds are the CONSTANT presence
    -- Shepherds serve as helpers to the leader 
    -- This is a commitment for the schoolyear - HOWEVER, leadership teams of shepherds lessen the load
School Aged Rotation Teachers
    -- Leaders teach the subject matter for 1st - 4th grade rotations
    -- Example:  An Art leader for a unit will teach the same lesson three weeks in a row with
         different age groups of kids
    -- Each week four leaders are needed // ART, COOKING, DRAMA + one more
    -- Shepherds come to the lesson with their group - shepherds help the leader as needed. 
    -- Rotation leaders are according to availability // 
          May be one week
          May be one three week unit
          May be more than one three week units
    -- Rotation leaders will be asked to sign up for specific weeks & subjects on a different form
Please check where you are willing to serve
Which hour are you volunteering for?

BYG - Bridge Youth Group for 5th & 6th Grade

B.Y.G. is pronounced BIG.  It is an acronymn that stands for Bridge Youth Group.  This group is in 5th and 6th grade and they literally form the bridge between SPARK (Sunday School) and IGNITE (Confirmation).  The program is designed with these tweens in mind.  They would much rather be BYG kids than little kids and therefore a time and place has been set aside just for them.  BYG meets at 7:00 pm on Wednesday Evenings.
We are currently seeking small group leaders for BYG -- our goal is to have at least two leaders for each group.  Small group leaders can then decide to meet with the group together each week / or to take turns and be there when your partner cannot.  
The BYG Hour is divided in two -- during the first half hour they meet as a large group.  The lesson is taught during that time.  The curriculum this year will be New Testament Stories.  The story is presented as a video and then discussed and applied to real life.   The second half of the hour is spent in small groups focused on relationship building.  
Small group leaders lead a five part conversation.  (Leader Guides are provided.)
    SHARE - students share their highs and lows of the week
    READ - a small piece of the scripture from the story of the week
    TALK - a short discussion with guided questions connecting the story to life
    PRAY - students share prayer requests and learn to pray for one another
    BLESS - the group is sent off with a blessing for living out the lesson in their own world 
I would like to be

IGNITE Confirmation for 7th - 8th Grade

Why do we do this?

Confirmation ministry at Faith Lutheran is one of the most important elements of our faith formation program.

Students in 7th, 8th and 9th Grade are on the edge of independence. They are ready to think for themselves and learn and absorb the lessons of the Bible, to evaluate and experience how God is with each and everyone of them in everyday life. One of our themes underneath all of confirmation will be to look at how we can apply the spiritual practices of our baptismal promises in our everyday life.

Putting it together

Even though students who participated in BYG have gotten a foundation in learning about the Bible, we'll be looking at the Bible in a whole new way in Confirmation! We'll use the Bible to explore the big questions of life: Who are we? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? We'll answer each question by looking at Jesus' life and ministry in the context of a section of the Hebrew Bible: Torah (Who are we?), the Prophets (Why are we here?), and the Wisdom literature (What is the meaning of life?) Each unit will have a spiritual practice for students to practice together and explore with their trusted adults. 

Important Dates

IGNITE Kickoff: September 19th, 6-7:30p
First IGNITE: September 22nd, 7-8p
IGNITE Retreat: October 15-16, 5p-5p (@ Green Lake Bible Camp)

IGNITE Volunteers
At this time we are seeking small group guides for the 7th grade class.  We generally like this to be a two and a half year commitment and that guides stick with their groups throughout their 9th grade year.  Small group guides are not teachers teaching a class, rather they are leaders building a community of faith. Faith is providing a place and a time where young people are encouraged to explore issues of faith and life. 
Please check any that apply