2020 Arrive with Five

For a long time, we have been taught that the issues that impact us every day are separate from the political process, which keeps us from participating.

This is a result of an intentional strategy that separates elections from the issues we face in our daily lives.

Arrive With 5 is a revamped mobilization tool that supports organizers in having difficult conversations around participation in elections. You tell us 5 people in your community that you want to reach out to, and we’ll send you the talking points so that you can make the connections between the issues your community cares about and voting at every level of government.

As part of YP4’s Building Power to Win campaign, this summer we held a FREE Civic Engagement Training Series and Summit to equip our communities with the necessary context to completely shift the conversation around participation in elections. Check out the full Series here.

Now, we want to help you bring this information back to your community.

We need to provide a clear picture of what’s at stake in the 2020 elections and beyond, break down how government functions at every level, and provide our communities with the necessary context so that they can make their own connections to how voting impacts the issues they care about.
By reframing the converation, we can help our communities see how participation in every election, and at all levels of government can be used as a tool to achieve our priorities. 
For more information about Arrive With 5, click here.
Fill out this pledge, and we'll send you the talking points.
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Please note, we will only email the contacts you provide once to let them know you are reaching out to chat with them. 
We will not text or call any of the numbers you provide. This information is for your records. 
We will email you a copy of the information provided below for you to reach out to the contacts at your convenience.

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Thank you for pledging to Arrive with Five. If you have any questions, please contact YP4Civics@pfaw.org

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