Application for Martha's Vineyard MLS Administrative Access

Real Estate offices that are current members with the Martha's Vineyard Multiple Listing Service have the ability to setup administrative accounts for their office. Individuals with administrative accounts cannot list and sell in the MLS, but have the ability to manage listings for individual agents at an office or for entire office locations. 

Each office location is entitled to one free administrative account. Each additional account is billed at $33 per quarter for MLS access.

Administrative Applicant Information

Does this applicant have an active MA Real Estate License? *

Please Note - When an administrator holds an active real estate license and employed by an office that is a member of a REALTOR® Association, they must also be/become a REALTOR® member (or the DR pays non-member assesment) in addition to receiving MLS access. Administrators who do not hold active real estate licenses may not engage in any activities for which a real estate license is required (e.g., showing property, hosting open houses, etc.)

Licensed administrators may receive ‘Administrator’ access to the Martha's Vineyard Multiple Listing Service under certain circumstances and have the following membership options:

1. If a licensee wishes to remain an active real estate licensee, they may choose to become a REALTOR®; If the licensee is already a REALTOR® with another Association, please have that Association send us a current Letter of Good Standing. 

2. If a licensee is operating solely in an administrative capacity and is not engaging in the practice of real estate, they may place their license in inactive status with the state and may remain listed as an administrator; or,

3. The Designated REALTOR® (DR) will receive a non-member assessment if the administrator does not wish to become a REALTOR®, but remain affiliated with the office while holding an active license. Please note that REALTORS® have board of choice and may join whichever local Association they prefer; however, some local Associations may require the DR to join that board as well.

Please contact our membership department by emailing with any questions.

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Access Information

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