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***Please note, Adopters who do not own their own home must have the new pet registered on their home or apartment lease***

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Do you own or rent your residence?
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Are all household members in agreement about bringing this dog into your home? Yes or No?
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Have you had any other pets in the past 5 yrs that are not previously listed:
If yes, list type/breed, gender, age, if s/n, and what happened to them:
Have you adopted any pets from a rescue group or shelter in the past?
If yes, please list the name of the rescue(s) or shelter(s):
Where is this pet now?
Additional comments or explanations:
Your experience with primitive breeds: *
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How did you first hear of the Carolina Dog Breed?
Have you ever had a Carolina Dog or a dog you believe may be/have been a Carolina Dog? Where is the dog now?
If you currently have a Carolina Dog, what are the challenges you've encountered (if any) and how have you approached them?
Have you done any research on the natural behaviors and temperaments of the Carolina Dog?
If yes, please list your resources, ie websites, groups, forums, etc.
Are you aware of and prepared for the possible challenges of adding a Carolina Dog to your family unit? Please share what preparations you've made:
Do you have any experience in dog training or socialization? Please specify:
Do you have any experience in crate training? Please specify:
What feeding and vaccination regimen do you prefer?
What brand of dog food do you currently (or will be feeding in the future) feed?
Additional comments or explanations:
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Is there a specific SCD dog you're interested in? Which one?
If not, what gender would you prefer?
What age range would you prefer?
Please list any specific needs a new pet would need to meet, ie cat-friendly, good with kids, good with dogs, already crate or lead trained, etc.:
Your family lifestyle: *
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Do you travel or take vacations? If yes, please specify what arrangements you intend to make for the care of your dog while you're away:
How physically active are you & your family? Please specify the daily activities your current pets participate in with your family, and how a new dog will fit in with those activities:
Please list your personal reasons for adding a Carolina Dog to your family:
Are you willing to allow a home visit by a SCD representative or partner rescue group?
Your agreement:

Foster applicants:

I understand that any dog I foster for Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network is the legal property of SCD, and that my role is that of a volunteer.

I understand that any standard vetting required by the dog while in my care must be approved by SCD, vet records for the dog in my care must be established and maintained in SCD's name, if vetting includes microchip, it will be in SCD's name, and that SCD will be financially responsible for the preapproved vet care unless otherwise stipulated in writing.

I understand that I will be expected and required to provide SCD with regular photos and/or video of the foster dog, and may need to do so upon specific request with only 24hrs notice.
I understand that I am expected to respond to any phone message, email, or phone call from SCD regarding the foster dog within 12hrs of that message, email or phone call being sent.
I understand that I am a temporary caretaker of a living being, and that I am expected to be responsible, honest, and forthcoming in all care of and communication regarding the foster dog.
I understand that I do not have the legal right to choose or change the choice of adoptive family for any SCD dog I am fostering, but that I may be asked to provide input or information about the dog I'm fostering to help facilitate the best possible adoption match for the dog.
I understand that this is a legally binding contract, that any deviation on my part will require my immediate surrender of the foster dog to SCD and any resistance in doing so may result in the authorities being contacted.
I understand that the Carolina Dog is a primitive breed with a high prey drive, and the dog I foster should not under any circumstances be left unsupervised or uncontrolled with any small animals I may have, that we may encounter when outside my home, or that may enter my premises. The Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network is not responsible for any damage, injury or death to any other animal that may occur due to lack of supervision or leashed control of any SCD dog I may foster.

Adoption Applicants:

I understand that this application does not imply a contractual agreement for the ownership of a specific dog or intent to convey ownership of any particular animal by the Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network.
I understand that as part of the application process, I am required to allow a home visit by an SCD-appointed representative or the equivalent to verify the home and family conditions I have described herein, and that if I currently have a dog or dogs in my home, I will be required to provide a video of my dog(s) in social interaction with other dogs for evaluation and matching purposes. By submitting this application, I give permission for SCD to investigate and confirm the information I have provided and agree that this information can be shared with other rescue groups or humane societies. I understand that these conditions are not negotiable, and that refusal to comply with one or more of them will result in an automatic denial of my application.

All Applicants:

I understand that the completion of this application is not a guarantee that I WILL be approved to foster or adopt a SCD dog. By signing below and submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all terms, certify that I am 18 yrs of age or older and of sound mind to enter a legally binding agreement, have identification showing proof of current address, and that the information I have provided is correct. I further understand that SCD may deny my application for any reason. Adoption approval or refusal decisions are made solely at the discretion of the SCD and SCD is not obligated to discuss reason(s) for denial with me. I authorize SCD to investigate all statements and references in this application and I understand that my Electronic Signature is the equivalent of a hand written Signature and this contract is enforceable as a legally signed document in any court of law. I understand that falsifying information on this application or in any written communication with SCD will result in disqualification and/or revocation from fostering or adopting.

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