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Transport/Overnighter Agreement
Want to be a volunteer transport driver or overnighter with
Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network?

Thank you for your interest in helping with transports!!! We are ALWAYS looking for responsible drivers and overnighters to help get our pets to their destinations.

Please complete the application agreement below to be entered into our database!
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Do you understand that if transporting a Saving Carolina Dogs dog, you will be unable to transport any other animal in the same vehicle at the same time, including your own, unless with prior approval by an SCD Director?
Description of vehicle(s) you would be using (color, make/model):
Do you have the State required minimum insurance on that/those vehicles?
What days of the week are you available for transport?
How far are you willing to drive in hours from your location one way on a weekend?
On an evening or weekday?
How may animals can you comfortably carry, ie various crate sizes (large, medium, small)?
Do you have crates available for use?
Number of animals if tethered but not crated (large, medium, small)?
Are you available to overnight your charge, yes or no?
In the event of an emergency due to weather, vehicle breakdown or other unforeseen circumstance, would you be able to overnight a driver and animals?
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I understand that the completion of this application is not a guarantee that I WILL transport a SCD dog. I understand that any dog I transport for Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network is the legal property of SCD, and my role is that of a volunteer.

I understand that I do not have the legal right to withhold any SCD dog I am transporting or overnighting, and I do not have the legal right to change the transport arrangements, destination, or choice of foster of adoptive family for any SCD dog I am transporting or overnighting. I understand that any attempt by myself or at my direction to do so will result in the authorities being contacted and I will be held responsible for any expenses incurred by SCD as a result of my actions.

I understand that the very nature of animal rescue transport creates some risk for those who participate, and even a good natured animal may find it a stressful situation and therefore, may act in uncharacteristic ways, that the nature of the transport process can cause previously unknown health/behavior problems to surface, and that I am highly encouraged to crate the SCD dog I am transporting, and/or keep the dog(s) tethered AT ALL TIMES.

I understand that no one associated with any SCD transport I participate with can accept liability, financial or otherwise, for any accidents or incidents that may occur during transport or overnighting. By volunteering for transport or overnighting, I acknowledge that risks are involved and I agree to not hold anyone involved responsible financially or otherwise should an incident occur.

I understand that this application may be withdrawn at any time by either myself or by Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network, with the sole exception being if I am in physical possession of a SCD dog, in which case, I will be responsible to turn over said dog in safe and healthy condition to a SCD representative by arrangement with a Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and Adoption Network director or officer.

I understand that the completion of this application is not a guarantee that I WILL be approved to transport or overnight a SCD dog. By signing below and submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all terms, certify that I am 18 yrs of age or older and of sound mind to enter a legally binding agreement, have identification showing proof of current address, and that the information I have provided is correct.
I understand that falsifying information on this application or in any written communication with SCD will result in disqualification and/or revocation from all volunteer activities with SCD. I authorize SCD to investigate all statements and references in this application, and I further understand that SCD may deny or suspend my application for any reason and that SCD is not obligated to discuss reason(s) for denial with the applicant.
I understand that my Electronic Signature is the equivalent of a hand written Signature. I understand that this is a legal and binding agreement and enforceable by court-appointed mediation and/or a court of law. 

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